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Biodanza &
the archetypes
of the Orixas

Yemanja Orixa
Oxum Orixa
Omulu Orixa
Oxumar Orixa
training in Paris, 18-19-20 december 2015

Orixás are native deities of Africa, much present in Brazil and in Caribbean. Their archetypes are the manifestations of power points of nature (elements, phenomena, remarkable places, etc.) and each has its own specific symbolic system (colors, foods, chantings, invocations, environments, physical spaces, etc. up to schedules!).

Orixás are considered as intermediaries between the human beings and the Divine, and possess feelings and emotions similar to ours, our whims, our loves, our desires: they are passionate, they love with excess, feel some anger, jealousies, etc..

The extension "Biodanza and the Archetypes of Orixás" proposes a journey towards the origins of our humanity. It is a matter of connecting with the deeper part of oneself, to recognize the Orixa at work, in order to increase our resources, our creativity, the expression of our identity, and embody with strength and rightness what we are by essence.
To dance the archetypes of Orixas has so a beneficial function of evolution, harmonization and cure.

Luncinha Ramos, director of the Museum de Artes Afro-Brasil Rolando ToroThis extension was created - in association with Rolando Toro Araneda - by Lucinha, Lúcia Helena Ramos – director of the School of Biodanza SRT of Recife (Brazil), organizer and coordinator of the "Museum of Afro-Brazil Arts Rolando Toro" – who will share with us her rich ancestral knowledge of the culture of Orixás and rites of the Candomblé, which express this tradition.

The dances of Orixas can be proposed in weekly courses of Biodanza
as well as during residential workshops.

Training in 1 module given in Paris 10°: map »» HERE ««
          • Friday, December 18th: 19h30-23h,
          • Saturday, December 19th
: 10h-19h,
          • Sunday, December 20th
: 10h-17h30.

• 195 euros
p.p. up to October, 21st
• 210 euros, after
for the theoretical and methodological sessions + the vivencias + the training course booklet + the diploma.

This training - translated to English - is meant for Registered Teachers of Biodanza and - on specific agreement of their Training School - for Students under Supervision and for Students in Methodology (3rd year program).
Registration with the 60 euros deposit payment
Fully booked: registration in waiting list
 »» thank you for contacting us ««
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