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The Hero's Journey

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4, 5, 6 april + 8, 9, 10 may 2015 in Paris (France)
an extension of Biodanza, agreed by Rolando Toro

Awakening the Heroes Within” - Carol S. Pearson's book - indicates 12 inner guides or archetypes, from the “innocent one” to the “fool”. These 12 archetypes form a very interesting context for a course of Biodanza working the 5 lines of vivencia.

Joseph Campbell affirms that the hero's journey is characterized by 3 stages:
- the departure: something arrives - a drawback, an error, something unforeseen which reveals an unexpected world - the hero faces a problem
- the journey or initiation: during the journey, the hero is always assisted by benevolent powers, but he still has to achieve the challenges by himself.
- the return: the hero comes back victorious and renovated.

One can compare these 3 stages with the effects of the vivencia: we decide to undertake a course of transformation because we live one difficult moment or because we are seeking to understand something about ourselves. We are helped and supported by the group, but we can't avoid tests and challenges we must face by ourselves, in order to achieve an existential revival, a major comprehension of oneself.

During more than two years, training courses made possible to check and note excellent results with the approach “The Hero's Journey” among participants. The abundant theoretical support, the vivencia and the quality of the work were submitted to Rolando Toro's advice : he found the project coherent with the principles of Biodanza and approved it at once.

The extension of Biodanza “The Hero's Journey” has 3 stages, each one including 4 archetypes. To each stage corresponds an illustrated booklet - containing theory and vivencias – useful to propose a whole year of weekly courses as well as intensive workshops.

This training has 3 modules (i.e. 6 day), given in Paris – english translation provided – along 2 week-ends, 3 days each :
          • 4, 5, 6 april, from Saturday 10 AM to Monday (Easter) 5 PM
          • 8, 9, 10 may, from Friday (public holiday) 10 AM to Sunday 5 PM.

Fees : theory & methodology + vivencias + 3 booklets (including theory & vivencias) + the ceremony of diploma :
                    • 500 euros before the 15 of January
                    • 550 euros from 15 January.

Training for Registered Biodanza Teachers or - with the Biodanza School agreement - to Students under Supervision or Students under Methodology (3d year of the program).
Teachers : Michela San Pietro & Sonia Zavoli, creators of the extension "The Hero's Journey", Registered Biodanza Teachers (Biodanza Model School "Rolando Toro System" in Milano, Italie).
Note : the vivencias of these modules are open as workshops to non-professionnal people of Biodanza,
who will not be attending the theory and methodology, nor getting training course documents.
Organization & contact : Nathalie Arnould & Vishnuda Degrandi , directors of the Biodanza School "Rolando Toro System" in Paris.

Registration with  150 euros  of deposit
see "conditions générales de vente" lien Biodanza
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of payment, then further information by e-mail.

Payment opposite by Bank card.

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