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the Presentiment of the Angel
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« The angel, more than an image of visual order, is a feeling, a luminous form of the soul which connects affect, relief and tranquillity. All which is angelic in a person is what makes him or her more human. We conceive the angels as archetypes, forms or river beds on which is running, for a long time, the expression of our humanity » • prof. Rolando Toro Araneda

The dances of the angels and the « prayers » have a deep effect of transformation for the persons because they connect themselves with the desires of evolution of the being. Every participant will be invited to an individual dance in order to call upon the angel according to his/her desire of protection, illumination, creation or to awaken in itself and to the other one the angel of the love. The angels are the expression of our own divinity

Rolando writes : « We can accept or refuse the existence of the angels, no matter, they exist in our unconscious and were always there.
The archetype of the angel allows a connection with subtle aspects of reality. It integrates sensitivity with affectivity, which are so frequently separated.
To deserve the company of the angels, it is necessary to call upon them with love, keeping a permanent contact with them.

The human angel has the ability to concentrate and radiate a beneficial energy. Its incorporation is not only psychological, but also an organic way of functioning as generator of life.

Angels are of this world: we assert that the angels are intermediaries between the supernatural world and the natural world, but these two worlds are in reality only one. The supernatural exists in the natural world and the necessity of internal magnificence is part of our soul.
In reality, the angels are a presentiment, a sort of light energy which stirs in our breast when they are present.

Each person has « an angel ». In our physical presence is bounded a kind of atmosphere in which appears the hidden angel, sometimes confused or magnificent. Learning to see the angel in the persons is a kind of evolution. The perception of the invisible is what makes appearances to become transcendal. »

A cycle of 2 modules :

1st Module • April 27-28, 2013

A workshop to practice the « vivencial » approach in the work of contacting, expressing and incorporating the angelic energy.
This practical workshop is also opened to « free listeners », non-professionals of Biodanza.
In Vitry-sur-Seine (close to Paris) from Saturday noon to Sunday late afternoon (the address will be communicated after registration).
Possibility of accommodation at the venue : please contact us for the conditions.

2d Module • June 28-29-30, 2013

This module is accessible after having participated in a « vivencial » module of the Presentiment of the Angel: please read lower.
This training course invites us to develop our connection to the Angels and to know and to integrate their respective dances, in order to be able to lead pratictal « vivencial » workshops entitled : « Presentiment of the Angel ».
A theoretical and methodological training workshop with practical study of the dances and the invocations ("prayers").
This module is avaialble to Teachers of Biodanza, and to Biodanza School Students under Supervision or Students finishing the training (3rd year of the cycle), on agreement from their School Directors.
Week-end in Paris, from Friday night to Sunday late afternoon (the address will be communicated after registration).

Nadia Costa, directrice d'École de Biodanza Didactic Teacher

Nadia Costa Robin, trained in South America with Rolando Toro Araneda himself, is Didactic teacher, agreed for the extension « The Presentiment of the Angel ». She is member of the Methodolocal Assessorat of the International Biocentric Foundation and Director of the Swiss School of Biodanza. .
Fees & Conditions
150 euros the 1st module (vivencial) only .
180 euros for the 2d module only (theory & methodology).
315 euros for the wholr cycle : 2 modules.
 Precision for booking the 2d module 
· Requirements: having participated in a « vivencial » workshop « The Presentiment of the Angel » with Rolando Toro, Nadia Costa, Paula Roulin or another Teacher : a certificate of participation is required for booking.
· Optional: possibility of following again the 1st module (1/2 rate price: 75 euros) with Nadia Costa, in April, in Paris.
The booking will be taken into account with  150 euros  deposit.
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